Shellac Vs Regular Polish

Shellac Polish is best known for its shiny finish and 14+ day lifespan, Shellac manicures are growing in popularity. Have you always been curious to try a Shellac manicure? But maybe you don’t quite understand what it is?


Shellac is a gel polish that comes in a variety of different colours. From the outside, it may look like regular polish, but Shellac requires a ‘curing’ or hardening process under an ultraviolet (UV) light.

It will not smudge or dent after it is cured unlike regular polish.

It is Best to reapply every 14 days to keep it looking fresh and keep the polish bonded correctly to the nail


Regular Polish is applied to the nail and let air dry to set. It does take time to dry and can smudge or dent right away if you are not careful, but it is great if you only want polish on for one night only