Did You know there is 2 types of wax, Soft Wax and Hard Wax?

All my waxes I use are cream based waxes that are very gentle on the skin. I use soft wax for most of the body waxing and for the hard wax I use that on coarser hair or ultra sensitive areas, such as the underarm, brazilian area and face.

Soft Wax:
Traditionally, soft wax has been the “go-to” in the waxing industry. Soft wax is typically the type most people are familiar with. This type of wax requires a strip to remove the hair and is normally used for larger areas of hair removal. The soft wax is applied to the skin very thinly and a muslin strip is applied on top of the wax to remove the hair.
With any type of waxing, there is some removal of dead skin cells, as it is a form of exfoliation. However, with soft wax, there is a higher likelihood that the wax will remove more skin. This is because the soft wax actually adheres to the skin, not just the hair. Technicians using this type of wax stray away from going over the area more than once for this reason.

Hard Wax:
With hard wax, you can either use it alone with no strip or you can apply the wax and use a strip. The hairs get stuck in the hard wax without the wax adhering to the skin. This allows for technicians to go over the areas a second time with minimal discomfort and without fear of breaking the skin. Hard wax is also thicker and applied to the skin with an application tool. Once applied, the wax hardens and can be removed directly from the area.