Men’s Waxing

Men’s Back Waxing

Back waxing for men is one of our most popular services at Aura Wax Studio. Having a built in sweater is great in the winter but not so fun in the summer under a tank top at the beach. The point of a back wax is that you are comfortable,clean and hairless.

One of the most important things post wax is to keep the area clean. We generally recommend that you do not go swimming in a pool or ocean for the first 24-48 hours after your service. Same goes for the gym. All the extra sweat can irritate your skin. Your skin has open hair follicles that can take in bacteria very easily. You can take a cool shower right after your back waxing service to close the pores. If your skin is naturally oily or your back hair is coarse there is a higher possibility of ingrown hairs.The most important key is exfoliation, a post waxing product (pfb or carrioff) and keeping the skin clean


Chest & Stomach Waxing

Experience a hair-free soft front when hair and fuzz is waxed from the collarbone down to the hip bones. More and more men are enjoying smooth skin and this wax service is the perfect way to emphasize your muscle definition, Expose a body tattoo and Improve athletic performance.
Typical results from waxing last between three to five weeks.If you are consistent your hair will grow back finer and fewer between each session.Do not shave between visits.
For best results waxing should be done every 4-5 weeks.
Avoid sun exposure or tanning 24 hours prior and post waxing treatment, lotions, pools,hot tubs, tight clothing,as well as the gym.
Make sure to exfoliate the area with a body brush each shower is recommended to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.