Shellac Manicure

What is a Shellac Manicure?

Shellac manicure lasts a lot longer and won’t chip or dull – the nail varnish dream you might say? Shellac, created by Creative Nail Design (CND), is a 4-step manicure cured under UV light. Shellac is a blend of nail varnish and gel that paints the nail and doesn’t extend or shape it.

How long does it last?

Shellac Polish can last on the nails for 14+ days. It is recommended to reapply polish every 14 days to make sure the polish stays bonded to the nail with fresh polish.

How do you remove it?

A little tip about removal… Don’t be tempted to do anything other than soak off your nails using acetone because if you nibble, pick or pull the gels off (which can be tempting) you may also be pulling off the top layers of your nails making them thin and porous. It is best to see a nail technician to ensure proper removal or polish.